Lori (Hitchcock) Morimoto is an independent researcher specializing in transnational and transcultural media and fandoms. Her work can be found in Fandom: Identities and Communities in a Mediated World, Second Edition, A Companion to Media Fandom and Fan Studies, The Routledge Companion to Media Fandom, Transatlantic Television Drama, and the forthcoming Becoming: Genre, Queerness, and Transformation in NBC’s Hannibal, among others. She has also published in Participations, Transformative Works and Cultures, East Asian Journal of Popular Culture, and a forthcoming essay in Mechademia: Second Arc in 2019. She lived in Hong Kong for a total of seven years, Japan for nine years, and now lives in Northern Virginia.┬áIn addition to writing, she is a lapsed vidder/videographic critic, mother of two, and annoyingly evangelical fan of the TV series Hannibal.

Even More Genealogy!

Sorry this is of pretty specific interest; I just want to be able to share it with family. Okay, so, when we left off yesterday, we’d established that it was certainly reasonable to hypothesize that Mary Cox was descended from the George Harlan line of Quakers who settled in Pennsylvania and were part of the … Continue reading Even More Genealogy!

More Genealogy!

Which is literally probably of interest only to me and my relatives, but it’s my blog so… yeah. I’ve been spending a lot of time researching the two lines that my parents come from: Davis and Reed. Yes, I know my maiden name was Hitchcock and now it’s Morimoto; it’s a not-very-long-but-kind-of-involved story. Suffice it … Continue reading More Genealogy!

Genealogy Stuff

So, I now have a new hobby: genealogy. It’s kind of the best/worst thing for someone like me – research intensive, no need to actually WRITE results of the research, and (sometimes) heavy on instant gratification. It’s also riddled with intense wishful thinking and enough group thought that weeding through legends and hopes and outright … Continue reading Genealogy Stuff