fqarr5eLori Hitchcock Morimoto is not related to Alfred Hitchcock, nor is she in any way, shape, or form Japanese. She completed her PhD in media studies at Indiana University under the supervision of Dr. Barbara Klinger and Dr. Michael Curtin of UCSB, and currently writes on transnational East Asian film, transcultural fandom, and Hannibal as an independent scholar. She has a spouse, two kids, one failing 1999 minivan an adorable cherry red 2014 Honda CR-V (the minivan died, rather spectacularly), a mortgage, and an unfailing inability to get paid for the work she does. It’s not killing her, but it sure as hell isn’t making her stronger, either. She could easily have been the original inspiration for “Barb” in Stranger Things, although she probably wasn’t. She likes to think she would have lived.