Video Criticism

(In chronological order, most recent to oldest)

“Home Movie” – exploring third-culture reflective nostalgia through Michael Hui’s 1976 film, The Private Eyes

“Danse Macabre: Murder in Motion” – Movement (cinematographic and in-frame) in Hannibal

hannibal: a fanvid.” [in]Transition 3.4, 2016.

Published academic piece on the fanvid aesthetics of NBC’s Hannibal (with accompanying short statement and peer reviews)

Scholar Jason Mittell on “hannibal: a fanvid” at [in]Transition

“Leslie Cheung, Blamefully Beautiful” – Beauty and stardom in/through the films of Hong
Kong star Leslie Cheung

“Empathy for the Devil: Revisioning the Monster Through Gothic Romance” – Hannibal through the lens of the gothic novels Jane Eyre and Caleb Williams

Accompanying paper by Evan Hayles Gledhill

“cathexis” (2:25) – a study of close-up cinematography in NBC’s Hannibal

“Fearless Symmetry” (2:50) – a study of symmetrical composition in NBC’s Hannibal

“maru” (1:21) – a study of circle composition in NBC’s Hannibal

“Reader… ” (2 min.) – contrasting NBC’s Hannibal and Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre

“Homage” (50 seconds) – looking at the ‘copycat’ in NBC’s Hannibal