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The Puppy Postulate, or Why Some Women Like Sherlock (and Other Things)

I don’t know what the secret is, just that the fanbase happens to be very female. I don’t know why. ~ Steven Moffat

A Tale of Two Show(runner)s

My most recent fannish loves – in a long line of infatuations – have been BBC’s Sherlock and NBC’s Hannibal (the network designations belie the transnational coproduction contexts of each, but that’s a post for another day). Both are named for characters who have unwittingly embarked on journeys of […]

Rationalized Passions: Sherlock and Nation-branded Boy Booms in Japan

This is the text (and some of the slides) of the presentation I gave at the Society for Cinema and Media Studies Conference on March 27, 2015. If you’ve been following this blog, you’ll recognize some of the discussion here.

Doctor Strange in a Strange Land, or The Transnational Logics of Blockbuster Casting (part two)

Simply put, synergy is the combination of two or more things to create something that’s bigger than the sum of its individual parts, and Disney was thinking in synergistic directions long before the concept caught fire in American corporate circles.

FSN Conversations: Social Media Campaigns

One of the other conversations that happened during the Fan Studies Network Conference 2014 – on Twitter, in fact – was spurred by Nistasha Perez’s paper, “The Creation of Official Tumblr Accounts in Online Fannish Spaces: Examining Integration of Fannish Practices By Media Corporations.” As […]

FSN Conversations: the South Korean ‘Sherlock’ Promos

I showed one of the South Korean OCN promos for Sherlock during my talk at FSN to what appeared to be (in the darkness of the room) great surprise. Obviously, there was no opportunity to talk about them in more detail, so I wanted to […]