Japan Fan Studies Tour 2019

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The Japan Fan Studies Tour 2019 will take place from December 13-23, 2019. This tour is open to university employees and independent researchers (terminal PhD required), and advanced PhD students. It’s a 10-day guided trip through some of Japan’s most significant and iconic sites of popular culture activity and consumption, including the Ghibli Museum [pending ticket availability], Akihabara, Otome Road in Ikebukuro, and the International Manga Museum in Kyoto. Please click on the link at the bottom of the page for a look at last year’s schedule.

Cost for the tour is US$2000 per participant, which includes:

  • all accommodation while participating in the tour
  • entry to the Ghibli Museum (pending ticket availability)
  • entry to the Kyoto International Manga Museum & workshop participation
  • formal kaiseki meal in Kyoto
  • roundtrip train fare between Tokyo and Kyoto
  • one prepaid IC card (rechargeable) worth ¥5000 for ground transportation
  • shared van for transfer from Tokyo hotel to Shinagawa Station
  • administration fee

In addition to this fee, participants are responsible for:

  • roundtrip airfare to/from Japan
  • the cost of optional activities (including theme parks or theatrical performances)
  • meals
  • IC card recharging above the initial ¥5000
  • traveler’s insurance

The tour is limited to a total of 15 participants. Adult partners are welcome, but children cannot be accommodated without prior consultation.

A minimum of six participants is required for the tour to take place; in the event that fewer than six people register to participate, it will be canceled.

Deadline for registration: 10 September 2019

Downpayment of US$300 due
: upon receipt of final registration confirmation (15 September 2019)

Remaining balance of US$1700 due
: 30 October 2019

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