(Updated 07/2019)


PhD Department of Communication and Culture, Indiana University (minor: East Asian Studies)

MA Department of Communication and Culture, Indiana University

MA Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures, The Ohio State University

BA Department of English Literature, Kenyon College

Refereed Articles

2019      Morimoto L. “(Trans)Cultural Legibility and Online Yuri!!! on Ice Fandom.” Mechademia Second Arc 2. (forthcoming)

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2004      Hitchcock L. “Third Culture Kids: A Bakhtinian Analysis of Language and Multiculturalism in Swallowtail Butterfly.” Scope: An On-Line Journal of Film Studies. February.

Journal Articles

2019      Morimoto L. “Physical Disability in/and Transcultural Fandom: Conversations with My Spouse.” Journal of Fandom Studies 17.1: 73-78.

2018      Morimoto L. and Stein, L.E. “Editorial: Tumblr and Fandom.” Transformative Works and Cultures 27.

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Book Chapters

2019      Morimoto L. “Hannibal: Adaptation in the Age of Fan Production.” Becoming: Genre, Queerness, and Transformation in NBC’s Hannibal. Finn K.M. and Nielsen E., eds. Syracuse University Press.

2018      Morimoto L. “From Imagined Communities to Contact Zones: American Monoculture in Transatlantic Fandoms.”Transatlantic Television Drama: Industries, Programs, and Fans. Hilmes M., Hills M., and Pearson R., eds. Oxford University Press. 273-290.

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Invited Presentations

2019 “What a Difference a Name Makes: Transculturating Media Fan Studies.” Keynote address. Fan Studies Network Conference. University of Portsmouth, Portsmouth, UK.

2018 “‘It was… intimate’: Hannibal and the Gendered Politics of Identification in Quality TV.” Seriality Across Media Lecture Series. McGill University, Montreal, Canada.

2015 “Transcultural Fandom.” Fanfiction: Transformative Works from Shakespeare to Sherlock. Princeton University, Princeton, NJ.

2003 “香港ポップカルチャーと日本ファンコミュニティ” (Hong Kong Pop Culture and the Japanese Fan Community). Understanding Asia Lecture Series. Japan Foundation Asia Center, Tokyo, Japan.

Conference Participation

2018 “Yuri!!! on (Thin) Ice: Conflict and Convergence in Transcultural Media Fandom.” Society for Cinema And Media Studies Conference, Toronto, Canada. (PowerPoint slides)

2017 “‘First Principles: Hannibal, Affective Economy, and Oppositionality in Fan Studies.” Fan Studies Network Conference, Huddersfield, UK. (PowerPoint slides)

2016. “Outrageous Sirk-umstances: Hannibal and the Aesthetics of Excess.” Feasting on Hannibal, The University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia. (PowerPoint slides)

2016 “The Fan-shufu: Hong Kong Star Fans in/and the Home.” Communicating with Cool Japan ICA Preconference, Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan.

2016 “Sherlock and Global Transfandom.” Society for Cinema and Media Studies Conference, Atlanta, GA. (PowerPoint Slides)

2015 “Setting the Stage: The Origins of Modern Foreign ‘Boy Booms’ in Japan.” Fan Studies Network Conference, University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK.

2015 “Sherlock and the British Actor Boom: ‘Regifting’ Female Fandom in Japan.” Console-ing Passions, Dublin, Ireland. (PowerPoint slides)

2015 “Rationalized Passions: Sherlock and Nation-Branded Boy Booms in Japan.” Society for Cinema and Media Studies Conference, Montreal, Canada. (PowerPoint slides)

2014 “Transcultural Fandom In/As Contact Zone.” Fan Studies Network Conference, London, UK. (PowerPoint slides)

2014 “Video Killed the Martial Arts Star: Distribution Technologies and the Vagaries of Jackie Chan Fandom in Japan.” Cult Cinema and Technological Change Conference, Aberystwyth University, Wales, UK. (PowerPoint slides)

2014 “Yukata!Batch Goes Global: Japanese Entertainment Booms in the Age of Social Media.” Southwest Popular/American Culture Association Conference, Albuquerque, NM. (PowerPoint slides)

2012 “The Loquacious Geisha: Lotus Blossom and the Hidden Transcript of Teahouse of the August Moon.” Society for Cinema and Media Studies Conference, Boston, MA. (PowerPoint slides)

2012 “The Trans-cult-ural Geographies of Hong Kong Film Fandom in Japan.” Asian Cinema Studies Society Conference, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China. (PowerPoint slides)

2011 “Wings of Desire: Hiroko Shinohara and the Making of ‘Fashionable’ Hong Kong Cinema in Japan.” Society for Cinema and Media Studies Conference, New Orleans, LA.

2008 “I Heard the News Today: Digital Fandom and the Making of Trans/Cultural Geographies.” Society for Cinema and Media Studies Conference, Philadelphia, PA.

2006 “Your Place or Mine? Transnational Okkake and Global Media Fandom.” Society for Cinema and Media Studies Conference, Vancouver, Canada.

2004 “Hong Kong Cinema and its Japanese Female Fans – A Comparative Studies of Film Spectatorship Practices.” Association for Asian Studies Conference, San Diego, CA.

2002 “Seeing Stars: Japanese Women Watching Leslie Cheung.” Asian Studies Conference Japan, Sophia University, Tokyo, Japan.


2018 “Intersections: Japanese Media Fan Cultures Through a Fan Studies Lens.” Society for Cinema and Media Studies, Toronto, Canada.

2015 “Through a Magnifying Lens, Sherlock Fandom in Global Context.” Society for Cinema and Media Studies Conference, Montreal, Canada.

2014 “Fan Studies’ (Transcultural) Futures.” Fan Studies Network Conference, Regent’s University London, London, UK.


2018 “Praxis in Practice.” Featured roundtable, Flow Conference, University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX.

2018 “Pleasure and Politics.” Roundtable, Scholar Fan Salon: The Transformative Civics of Fandom, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA.

2017 “Decolonising Fan Studies.” Roundtable, Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association Conference, San Diego, CA.

2017 “Chinese Queer Fan Cultures in the Twenty-First Century: Queering Heterosexuality, Geopolitics, and Transcultural Imaginations.” Respondent. Society for Cinema and Media Studies Conference, Chicago, IL.

2016 “Towards a Transnational Fan Studies.” Workshop, Society for Cinema and Media Studies Conference, Atlanta, GA.

2016 “Every Love is Unique: Fans, Producers, and Romance in Bryan Fuller’s Hannibal.” Roundtable. Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association Conference, Seattle, WA.

2011 “Women in East Asian Film.” Discussant. Association for Asian Studies Conference, Honolulu, HI.

Grants and Fellowships

2015 Competitive Travel Grant, Console-ing Passions (€200)

2001-03 MEXT (Japan) Research Scholarship (¥2.5 million)

Academic Appointments

University of Virginia Department of Media Studies, Lecturer

George Mason University, Lecturer

Northern Virginia Community College, Assistant Professor Adjunct

Kenyon College, Lecturer

The Ohio State University, Mansfield, Lecturer

Courses Taught

Hollywood Goes to Asia (UVA 2019, upper-level undergraduate)

Introduction to American Graduate Studies (GMU 2015-16, graduate)

Film Appreciation I (NVCC 2012-15, undergraduate) [syllabus]

Film Appreciation II (NVCC 2013, undergraduate)

History of Film and Animation (NVCC 2012-15, undergraduate) [syllabus]

Topics in Anime (NVCC 2014, undergraduate)

Media in Global Context (IU 2005, undergraduate)

Race, Ethnicity and Media (IU 2004, undergraduate)

Introduction to Media (IU 1999-2000, undergraduate)

Public Speaking (IU 1998-99, undergraduate)

Beginning Japanese Language (KC 1991-92, undergraduate)

Intermediate Japanese Language (KC 1991-92, undergraduate)

Beginning Japanese Language (OSU 1990-91, undergraduate)

Elements of Japanese Culture (OSU 1989-90, 1991-92, undergraduate)


2018- Symposium Editor, Transformative Works and Cultures.

2018 Organizer, Japan Fan Studies Tour.

2018 Co-organizer, “Intersections: Fan Studies in Conversation in Japan Symposium,” Sophia University, Tokyo Japan.

2018- Editorial Advisory Board, Fandom and the Humanities book series, Palgrave MacMillan.

2018 Co-editor, “Tumblr and Fandom” special issue, Transformative Works and Cultures.

2017- Steering Committee, Web Coordinator, Fan Studies Network North America Conference.

2016-2018 Steering Committee, Web Coordinator, Fan and Audience Studies Special Interest Group, Society for Cinema and Media Studies.

2015 Co-editor, “Transcultural Fans and Fandom” special section, Participations: Journal of Audience & Reception Studies.

2012- Peer Reviewer, Plaridel Journal; Continuum; Intensities: The Journal of Cult Media; Journal of Fandom Studies; [in]Transition: Journal of Videographic Film & Moving Image Studies; Genre en series; Palabra Clave; Participations: Journal of Audience & Reception Studies; Transformative Works and Cultures; University of Iowa Press.

2008- Editorial Board Member, Transformative Works and Cultures.

Freelance Academic Work

2019 Indexer. Dubious Pundits: Presidential Politics, Late-Night Comedy, and the Public Sphere, Nicole Michaud Wild

2019 Indexer. Becoming: Genre, Queerness, and Transformation in NBC’s Hannibal, Kavita Mudan Finn & E.J. Nielsen, eds.

2018 Indexer. Fake Geek Girls: Fandom, Gender, and the Convergence Culture Industry, Suzanne Scott

2016- Discussant. Ohio State University Fan Studies Reading Group

Professional Employment

1997-98 Research Assistant, Mainichi Newspapers Washington Bureau, Washington D.C.

1995-97 Study Abroad Coordinator, Otemae University, Hyogo, Japan

1992-95 Coordinator of International Relations (JET Program(me)), Tottori, Japan

1988-89 Assistant English Teacher (JET Program(me)), Oita, Japan