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Hannibal: The Peer Gynt Scene

This isn’t a proper blog post so much as thinking out loud. And still playing with Hannibal because, Hannibal.

The Year in Productivity: 2015

I did a round-up post about this time last year as a way of kind of giving myself a little pep talk as I continue down the road of independent scholarship. That path was cemented a bit further this year with my last (unsuccessful) stab […]

Truth in Advertising: Considering the Chinese Star Wars Poster

The UK’s Independent Online features an article this morning entitled, “The Chinese version of the Star Wars: Force Awakens poster has edited out the non-white characters,” in which it’s hypothesized that this is likely an example of either Chinese racism or Hollywood assumptions about Chinese […]

The Puppy Postulate, or Why Some Women Like Sherlock (and Other Things)

I don’t know what the secret is, just that the fanbase happens to be very female. I don’t know why. ~ Steven Moffat

A Tale of Two Show(runner)s

My most recent fannish loves – in a long line of infatuations – have been BBC’s Sherlock and NBC’s Hannibal (the network designations belie the transnational coproduction contexts of each, but that’s a post for another day). Both are named for characters who have unwittingly embarked on journeys of […]

A Fledgling Vidder’s First Attempt at Transformation

For the past week or so, I’ve been working my way through the first week of exercises featured in Middlebury College’s digital humanities workshop, Scholarship in Sound & Image, as described by television scholar Jason Mittell on his blog. I had wanted to apply to […]

Adventures in Vidding

This past summer at the Fan Studies Network Conference held at the University of East Anglia, I had the pleasure of meeting and talking vidding a bit with Tisha Turk – a conversation that, once again, made me long to be able to make sense […]

MCU and the Sherlock Effect: An Addendum

Last week saw the end of my latest film appreciation course at Northern Virginia Community College, where we spent the last few weeks dissecting the production logics of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, from auteur theory and the rise of the (currently beleaguered) brand showrunner-auteur, to […]

Rationalized Passions: Sherlock and Nation-branded Boy Booms in Japan

This is the text (and some of the slides) of the presentation I gave at the Society for Cinema and Media Studies Conference on March 27, 2015. If you’ve been following this blog, you’ll recognize some of the discussion here.

The Homoerotic Requirement

In the previous post, I noted that one of the baseline requirements for a boy boom in Japan (where “boy boom” is my flippant way of talking about foreign male star booms) is the presence of a homoerotic something. In the case of the first beautiful British boy boom, […]