Notes on Podcasting, So Far

  1. I say “absolutely” WAY the hell too much. Which is actually symptomatic of my utter inability to think on my toes anymore. It’s a cliche, but it’s also true, that the older I’ve gotten, the weaker my ability to quickly and intelligently respond to stuff has grown. Not that it was ever stellar, but I almost always follow up anything a guest says with some variation on “yeah, absolutely.”
  2. Sound quality is the bane of my existence. At the very least, I want to sound like I’m in a radio studio, which is just NOT going to happen in my little un-soundproofed office at home. I’m just lucky I’ve got time to record when no one is home.
  3. I really, really enjoy editing. I knew this from vidding and video essays, but it’s just as true of sound editing. I just wish I understood the software better so I could get the most out of what it can do.
  4. Interviewing is hard! Some episodes are better than others that way, but OTOH I’ve heard that every episode is a favorite of SOMEONE, so I think half (at least) of what makes an episode successful is how interested the listener is in what the guest is talking about.
  5. My lisp (which isn’t even a thing, except it kind of is) has been improving over the episodes.
  6. I keep changing up the format of what I say at the beginning. I need to have a script to make sure it’s more standardized.
  7. It’s very fun talking with people about their work, and the thing that makes it most worth doing to me is being able to get their work out there just that little bit more and, hopefully, make it accessible for people who might not otherwise engage with it.

(little post today … I had just got to thinking)