The Return of Genealogy

UPDATE 28 Nov 2019: This one ultimately didn’t pan out, because even if Margaret Anne Richey was the daughter of Elizabeth Maxwell, Elizabeth was the step-daughter of a different John Maxwell whose wife was named “Sarah.” This is based on John Maxwell’s will, which calls Elizabeth his step daughter and also says she’s married to Alexander Ritchie. So, this is another case of interesting genealogy being a little too interesting to be true.

So, I’ve been messing around with genealogy again, because it’s a relaxing thing to do while the TV is on in the background at night. I’ve been flitting around a bit trying to push different lines a little further; most don’t go very far, but occasionally I hit something interesting.

Of course, more often than not “interesting” translates to “delusional” – there are just a LOT of people who are very, very happy to ignore time AND space in linking people to their family trees. So far, red herrings I’ve encountered have included a connection to Daniel Boone (nope), a connection to Pocahontas (nope), and a connection to the Mayflower through a Virginia line (bwahaha, no).

BUT, I think I may have found one pretty cool one through the Wimberley line of my mom’s family. This one is fairly solid; the only weak point is Margaret Anne Richey/Ritchey/Ritchie, of whom there seem to have been two that turn up around the same time. But this one lines up geographically where the other doesn’t, so I’m cautiously optimistic.

So, if we’re starting with Eppy Frances Wimberley (my great-great grandmother), then it goes (in ascending order):

  1. Eppy Frances WIMBERLEY (b. 1869, Williamson Co., TX/d. 1950, Lamb Co., Texas), daughter of
  2. Orlena P. WHITE (b. 1827, Fayette Co., AL/d. 1910, Lampasas Co., TX), daughter of
  3. Margaret Anne RITCHEY (b. 1807, Jefferson Co., TN/d. Guadalupe Co., TX), daughter of
  4. Elizabeth MAXWELL (b. circa 1779, North Carolina/d. 1850, McMinn, TN)
  5. Frances BRENT (b. 1753, Lancaster Co., VA/d. 1819, Lancaster Co. VA) & John MAXWELL (b. 1750, VA/d. Bedford Co., TN), daughter of
  6. Hugh BRENT (b. circa 1728, Lancaster Co., VA/d. 1778, Lancaster Co., VA), son of
  7. Catherine NEWTON (b. 1707, Lancaster Co., VA/d. 1761, Lancaster Co., VA), daughter of
  8. Elizabeth STORKE (b. 1687, Westmoreland Co., VA/d. 1759, Westmoreland Co., VA), daughter of
  9. Behethland [or Beheathland] GILSON (b. circa 1666, Westmoreland Co., VA/d. 1720, Westmoreland Co., VA), daughter of
  10. Beheathland BERNARD (b. circa 1635, Warwick Co., VA/d. circa 1720, Westmoreland Co., VA), daughter of
  11. Mary BEHETHLAND (b. before 1615, Warwick Co., VA), daughter of
  12. Robert BEHETHLAND (b. circa 1587, St Endylon, Cornwall, England/d. before 1627, Warwick Co., VA)

It’s Robert here who’s particularly noteworthy, as he’s one of the very few people who arrived in the Jamestowne Colony in 1607 and survived theinfamous “Starving Time.” It’s thought that Capt. John Smith took him under his wing a bit, and he was a member of the party of settlers who visited Wahunsenacawh (Chief Powhatan). This blog post is a particularly interesting account of his experiences.

Making solid connections with Margaret Anne Ritchey is the most difficult, but as I said above, time/space-wise, at least, things align nicely.