Catching Up

Despite the fact that I’ve managed to do nothing productive for several weeks now, it’s actually been a busy month or two. I presented a paper on the online fandom of Yuri!!! on Ice at the Society for Cinema and Media Studies annual conference in Toronto; while there, I was also able to hang out a bit with Janice Poon, an artist and the food designer for my beloved Hannibal! I also did a short pilgrimage to Hannibal’s office building on my way to the train station, and it… looked exactly like Hannibal’s office. 🙂


I also had a conversation on the state of fan studies with scholar Sangita Shresthova posted over on Henry Jenkins’s blog (here and here), did an interview with Elizabeth Minkel and Flourish Klink for their podcast, Fansplaining (here), and my article, “The ‘Totoro Meme’ and the Politics of Transfandom Pleasure” was published in the East Asian Journal of Popular Culture (sadly behind a paywall, but if you’re interested, ping me).

So, you know, keeping off the streets, but pretty much since before Christmas the kids have had many more weeks with days off (because of weather, holidays, teacher work days) than not, so I’ve been having a hard time getting back into a proper working schedule. I’m also waiting for the foreseeable future to find out if a job application I submitted goes anywhere or not, and patience of this kind is not among my strengths, so that’s also contributing to my general mental dissipation.

Anyway, this is more of a state-of-me post than anything of interest, but I felt like writing it all down (partly in the hope that writing it down will help me to reset myself).