The State of Things: A List

  • I am a few days behind on a paper review
  • I am more than a year overdue on a book review
  • I have one paper revision of my own to do
  • I should be working on my book, but I haven’t been
  • I currently have four book chapters, one journal article, and one journal roundtable in various stages of not-yet-published-but-coming-eventually
  • I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow – biannual checkup
  • I need to make an appointment with my therapist
  • I must make an appointment with my psychiatrist, who prescribes the medication
  • I have had three job interviews in the past 12 months, none of which resulted in a job
  • I need to transcribe a roundtable discussion for an upcoming journal special issue
  • I cannot afford to attend another academic conference for the foreseeable future
  • I’m tired of trying to scholar without access to journals
  • I need to get exercise
  • Sometimes I’m tired of working for free, especially since it’s always laboring in obscurity
  • I want to do a video, but I’m out of ideas right now
  • I feel like I talk/write about Hannibal too much

So. All of that. IDK, I’m just in a place.

1 thought on “The State of Things: A List”

  1. I dunno that sounds a lot like the lists my friends with tenure track academic jobs have. Except they get paid and there’s an annual review chomping at their heels to force them to sometimes call “done” work which they think is Not Very Good. Oh and sometimes – not always – they have colleagues with whom to work who are under similar pressure to Call it Done and Put It In This Year’s Portfolio.

    Which is to say I think you’re doing better than you think you are but yeah you are struggling against a lack of institutional support of more than one kind. It’s not surprising you’ll get discouraged sometimes I think.

    I hope you’ll take care of yourself as aggressively as you’d take care of one of your kids and do more of the stuff you find satisfying and less that you find frustrating and unfulfilling and let people see your work and come to a happier place?

    (And I still think that one Hannibal vid was amazing and I can’t even watch Hannibal!)

    -Jane (@workfornow on tumblr)


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