Stuff I’ve Written/Vidded on Hannibal

Enough people have asked that I thought I should compile a list or something; fair warning, not all of this is good.

Videographic Stuff

Empathy for the Devil (w/ Evan Hayles Gledhill): looking at Hannibal through the lens of gothic romance (conference paper/video essay). Original idea from this shorter piece, “Reader…” which is more concise and may work a bit better)

hannibal: a fanvid: Hannibal as aesthetic and thematic fanvid, with accompanying essay (published in [in]Transition 3.4; I’m pretty proud of this one)

Cinematography studies: Danse Macabre; cathexis; Fearless Symmetry; Maru; Katana

Academic Writing

Situating Hannibal Within the ‘Fullerverse’: Now More than Ever Seems it Rich to Die” (blog post on In Media Res; very much preliminary thoughts – the other pieces for the Hannibal week are very good, though!)

Outrageous Sirk-umstances: Hannibal and the Aesthetics of Excess (conference paper for Feasting on Hannibal: An Interdisciplinary Conference; ppt slides here – hoping to turn this into a longer paper)

First Principles: Hannibal, Affective Economy, and Oppositionality in Fan Studies (conference paper for Fan Studies Network Conference 2017; ppt slides here)

“Hannibal: Adaptation and Authorship in the Age of Fan Production” (upcoming chapter in Becoming: Essays on NBC’s Hannibal, edited by Elizabeth Nielsen and Kavita Mudan Finn)

Blog Posts

A Fledgling Vidder’s First Attempt at Transformation

A Tale of Two Show(runner)s

A Tale of Two Chairs; or, Why Did My Paper Get a B?

This is Not a Con Report, or Acafanniballing at RDC3

Fan Meta
(locked to non-subscribers of AO3 because it’s very much scattered thoughts)

Hannibal Undressed (S1 costume/cinematography/narrative meta with pictures, lots of pictures; read as individual chapters because some of the gifs are massive)

Hannibal Revealed (incomplete S2 costume/cinematography/narrative meta with pictures; also read as individual chapters because gifs are massive)

(I forgot this)


(it’s a visual representation of the adaptation and authorship essay, which I kind of awkwardly thrust at Bryan Fuller at RDC3 and no longer have. The flowers are pages from Red Dragon, and the musical ribbons I made from tape and added little cherry blossoms to)

I think that’s everything to date.