hannibal: a fanvid (final)


I’ve been playing with this for months, now, and even wrote some on an earlier version here last spring. hannibal: a fanvid was finally published in the online videographic essay journal [in]Transition today (!!), so I wanted to post a link to the site, which includes both the video and accompanying explanatory essay, as well as two critical reviews.

I’ve watched this approximately a million times since it was accepted for publication, trying to decide for myself if it actually made sense and worked like I wanted it to. I think it does, but getting out of it what I (think I) put in requires watching it with a kind of attentive eye. The thing I wanted to emphasize was the show’s comparatively unusual uses of affective cinematography – close-ups, dissolves, special digital effects, breaking the fourth wall, slow motion – as well as editing that emphasized emotion over everything else. Hannibal is about nothing so much as interpersonal relationships and feeling, and in this sense I think it’s qualitatively different from most ‘prestige’ television, in ways that reflect a fannish sensibility.

At any rate, if you’re so inclined please have a look!

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