The Year in Review 2016

This seems to be a thing I do every year now, mostly to remind myself that I actually have accomplished some things over the past year. I usually just do professional stuff, but this has been one of THOSE years (I mean, 2016, amirite?), so I think this time around I’ll throw in personal stuff as well.


  • I drafted four essays for publication this year, all of which are currently in various stages of revision. I’m not sure when any of them is supposed to be out, but I’m assuming eventually. Two are specifically about transcultural/transnational fandom, one us about transatlantic fandom, and one is about Totoro. They’ve all mostly been instrumental in teaching me just how critical revision as a practice really is.
  • I drafted a shorter piece for Transformative Works and Cultures on Sherlock Holmes in Japan, that I think comes out next year.
  • I produced three video essays: Empathy for the Devil, which I did along with Evan Gledhill (they did the paper, I did the vid) for Reimagining the Gothic 2016: Monsters and Monstrosities, a symposium held at the University of Sheffield, in which we read Caleb Williams and Jane Eyre onto Hannibal with pretty pleasing results, IMO; Leslie Cheung, Blamefully Beautiful, mostly for myself; and one more that was accepted for upcoming publication in the online journal [in]Transition, also about Hannibal.
  • My very first book chapter was published in Seeing Fans: Representations of Fandom in Media and Popular Culture, edited by Paul Booth and Lucy Bennett.
  • I presented on Hannibal in person at the PCAACA national conference in Seattle (from which the second Hannibal vid above comes), as well as Feasting on Hannibal: An Interdisciplinary Conference in Melbourne, the organizers of whom were kind enough to enable a handful of us to present online; that paper was “Outrageous Sirk-umstances: Hannibal and the Aesthetics of Excess.”
  • At SCMS in Atlanta, I participated in a workshop on transcultural fandom and presented my paper, Sherlock and Global Transfandom.
  • I presented a snippet of my PhD thesis at the Communicating with Cool Japan ICA Pre-conference in Tokyo during the summer.
  • I quit adjuncting after a good four-year run; I miss the money, but little else about it (I do miss my good students though… they made it worth it).
  • I actually made it to an academic job interview for the first, and likely last, time.
  • I had productive book talks with publishers; I’m woefully behind on the one for my thesis and need to email the acquisitions editor about that, like, today; I’m excited about a co-authored one that we’re pulling together a full proposal for.


  • I quit adjuncting. My reasons were mostly personal, having to do with stress and anxiety.
  • I started seeing my therapist again; this time, I think we’ve made a lot of progress.
  • I started taking Zoloft, an anti-anxiety medication. This has made all the difference in the world, and it’s worth every last weird side effect it has, as far as I’m concerned.
  • Kids both started at new schools, and I have survived this (more or less). Daughter is transitioning into full-blown adolescence, and my days are spent wondering why the HELL she keeps not handing in homework (with requisite memories of similar problems of my own when I was her age, but really, what’s with that???). Son started in a full-time advanced academics program, and is currently in the process of learning that he does not, in fact, know everything.
  • I turned 50. Not sure how that happened.
  • I went to Beyond the Red Dragon Con II with my husband, and a good time was had by all – got to see so many wonderful members of the Hannibal cast, which was just amazing.

I think that’s about it. Coming up in 2017, hopefully, are an essay, a book proposal, and a book draft; a presentation at PCAACA in San Diego, and discussant for a panel at SCMS; going to (weather permitting) RDC3 in February. It’s all enough to be going on. 🙂

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  1. Glad to hear you being so positive, Lori. Seems life you’ve accomplished a lot this year actually. And congrats on all the publications! 😃 Looking forward to reading the transcultural ones in particular!

    Ps: Welcome to the Zoloft club 😉

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