The Year in Productivity

One of the things about being an ‘independent scholar’ (read: marginally employed adjunct and sole beneficiary of the M. Morimoto Foundation for Scholarly Spouses) is that it can be a bit difficult to get a sense of yourself as a scholar. I’m fortunate in a lot of ways, not least of which is that fan studies is a particularly independent scholar-friendly field; still, I sometimes need to take stock to figure out exactly what I’ve been doing.

So, with that in mind, I give you the year in productivity.

Yukata!Batch Goes Global

FSN Conversations: The South Korean ‘Sherlock’ Promos

FSN Conversations: Social Media Campaigns

Doctor Who and the Trouble with (Cool) “Japan

Sherlock and the Case of the Fandom Meme

Fangirls in the Crosshairs

Doctor Strange in a Strange Land, or The Transnational Logics of Blockbuster Casting (part one/part two)

  • wrote book reviews for upcoming issues of Cinema Journal and Critical Studies in Television
  • reviewed a manuscript for Intensities: The Journal of Cult Media

Additionally, since this is a new blog, two things I did last year that I’d like to draw attention to were the publication of two pieces:

Coming up next year: a paper presentation at the 2015 conference of the Society for Cinema and Media Studies, possibly two more presentations (possibly not – jury’s still out), publication of the book I translated (which has nothing to do with me, really, but it’s kind of cool), a co-edited themed journal section, a journal article, two book chapters, one book proposal and (hopefully) book manuscript. So, you know, enough to keep me off the streets.

(I also wrote about 30,000 words of Sherlock meta, but that was kind of extracurricular.)

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